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SBL-DAT-00808: %1: Failed to write preference file

Applies to:

Siebel CRM - Version: [18365] to [18372] - Release: V7 to V7
z*OBSOLETE: Microsoft Windows Server 2003
Product Release: V7 (Professional)
Version: [18372]
Database: Oracle
Application Server OS: Microsoft Windows 2003 Server
Database Server OS: Sun Solaris 2.6

This document was previously published as Siebel SR 38-3205106281.


SBL-DAT-00808, SBL-UIF-00296, SBL-UIF-00501, SBL-UIF-00314, SBL-SMI-00126


We have a hyperlink to our Siebel Application on a Web Portal Application.
This functionality was working fine with Fix Pack level, but now we are getting a Session Timeout error message after upgrading to
We need immediate attention since users in production environment are affected.



On Siebel and later versions, the session gets closed at AOM level when clicking the “X” button, so after clicking the link for the second time, the user can successfully open a new Siebel session, but he always gets the “Your session timed out because you were idle for too long” message first.
Clicking “File > Log Out” in these versions is working fine, but the "X" button is expected to work just like “File > Log Out”, which is not happening.

Change Request # 12-1HCLZNP (“Reusing shortcut with SWECmd=GotoView after X-ing the first session gives session timeout error”) has been logged to address this issue.
When a product defect or enhancement request is logged, it is reviewed, prioritized, and considered for incorporation into a future maintenance or major release.


Message 1

For the benefit of other readers:

The end user accesses a Web Portal Application.
The home page of this Portal contains a “New Activity” hyperlink, which opens a new web browser window and successfully takes the user to a new Siebel session.
The “New Activity” hyperlink is defined in the following format:

<a href="http://hostname/callcenter_enu/start.swe?SWECmd=GotoView&SWEView=Activity+List+View&SWERF=1&SWEHo=hostname&SWEBU=1&SWEApplet0=Activity+List+Applet+With+Navigation" target="_blank">New Activity</a>

This hyperlink works fine only for the first time.
After completing the task with Siebel Application, the user clicks the “X” button on the web browser window to exit the Siebel Application.
At this stage, he does not use “File > Log Out” menu option to exit the Siebel Application.

When the user clicks the “New Activity” hyperlink again on the original Web Portal Application browser window, the following error message is shown in a pop-up dialog box:

“Your session timed out because you were idle for too long. Please log in again to resume.
If you had a Siebel attachment open, your changes may have been lost. Please save the file locally, close it, and reattach it to the appropriate record.”

After clicking the “OK” button, the Siebel Application is launched normally.
End users started noticing this behavior after applying Fix Pack on top of Siebel Version

According to Change Request # 12-PUDQB1 (“X-ing out browser window should terminate a session on OM”), an Enhancement Request was implemented in Fix Pack (Fix Request # 12-10GRFKR) and 7.8.2 Version (Fix Request # 12-T8C4UR), which causes the “X” button in the web browser window to behave just as if the user was clicking “File > Log Out” menu.
This information can be found in the Maintenance Release Guide for Siebel 7.7.

If the user closes the first Siebel session by going to “File > Log Out” menu, he gets successfully logged out.
Then, if he clicks the link again on the same Web Portal page, he does not get the “Session Timeout” message.
Customer environment uses Web Single Sign-On, so the “File > Log Out” menu should not be enabled when using Web SSO, and the user must use the “X” button in this case.

This behavior can be reproduced on a standard environment, regardless of the Security Adapter being used, even with Database Authentication without SSO.
We could reproduce this behavior with a pure HTML file containing a simple HREF link to the Siebel URL, but only on some environments, and only if the hyperlink includes the “start.swe?SWECmd=...” part of the URL.
If the URL in the hyperlink does not contain a “SWECmd” string, everything works as expected, and no error is shown after closing the session through either “File > Log Out” or the “X” button.

After performing further tests, we noticed that the session does get successfully closed in the Application Object Manager at Siebel Server level after clicking the “X” button on the web browser window when using Siebel Version or later.
On Siebel Versions prior to, the session keeps open until it times out, as expected.

On Siebel and earlier versions, the session is not closed at AOM level when clicking the “X” button, since this functionality was implemented in
So after clicking the link for the second time in those versions, the following error message used to be displayed, and users had to click the hyperlink again to open another Siebel session:

“Your Siebel shortcut cannot be opened in this window.
Please drag and drop your Siebel shortcut to a window where Siebel is already running. If you want a second Siebel window, please select the Internet Explorer Browser icon from your Desktop or select the Internet Explorer Browser option from your Programs list to create a new window. You may then drag and drop the Siebel shortcut to this new window.”

This behavior has been resolved by Siebel Engineering on Fix Request # 12-1HPGG7Z, and a patch is available on Siebel Version [18372] QF0682.

Customer applied Quick Fix 0682 on top of Fix Pack, and now the application behaves as expected.

Thank you

Oracle | Siebel Technical Support

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