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SBL-EAI-04225: Error reading from file

Applies to:
Siebel Call Center - Version: [16285] and later [Release: V7 and later ]
Information in this document applies to any platform.



We are seeing a Production error SBL-EAI-04225 reported by the Genesys Outbound Synchronization Business Service supplied by Genesys Labs for Gplus 7.0 Campaign Synchronization.

Sun Mar 14 03:37:36 2010979: while reading an XML-file: Error reading from file(SBL-EAI-04225)
Sun Mar 14 03:37:36 2010979: Close the log file

We want to understand what SBL-EAI-04225 means.


The meaning of this error message SBL-EAI-04225 - Error : reading from file

This error may happen when the credentials of the user that is defined via Control Panel > Services for the Siebel Server is different than the user who is accessing the file or directory.

In general it is a permissions problem.

However in customer case the problem was due to a fault RAID disc controller on the corressponding machine. Once this was replaced the problem no longer occured.

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