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SBL-CDM-00191: Unable to connect to ODBC datasource "%1" as user "%2."

Applies to:

Siebel Marketing - Version: [1900] - Release: 10g

Information in this document applies to any platform.
While the user is trying to create a Target List, the following error is coming up:

Unable to connect to ODBC datasource "Analytics Web" as user "SINHAMAH."(SBL-CDM-00191)

However please note that the behavior is very erratic and does not occur all the time. Sometimes it starts working also.
For all the time, we are using the same set of data to create the Target List.

The system uses SSO to login into the application.


The successful creation of Target List.


In the problematic enviroment, it was identified the following scenario:

The OBI Server and OBI Web was in the machine (say Machine A)

The OBI ODBC Client exists in different machines (say B,C,D,....)

It was identified that there were some discrepancy in mentioning the "DSN" in the above machines. For Ex., in some of above machine, the DSN was mentioned as "Analytics Web" (a space in between Analytics and Web) whereas in other machines the DSN was mentioned as "AnalyticsWeb" (no space between Analytics and Web).

Upon setting all the parameters (like ODBC DSN, etc) matching with each other, it worked fine.

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