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Applies to:

Siebel Proposals - Version: [19219] - Release: V7
Siebel Correspondence - Version: [19219] - Release: V7
z*OBSOLETE: Microsoft Windows Server 2003
Product Release: V7 (Enterprise)
Version: [19219]
Database: Oracle
Application Server OS: Microsoft Windows 2003 Server SP1
Database Server OS: Sun Solaris 9

This document was previously published as Siebel SR 38-3044058691.


SBL-DAT-00674, SBL-DAT-00294

We are using the correspondence module and setup the correspondence template in test environment having following fields to be mail merged:

<First Name> <Last Name>
<Street Address>
<City> <State> <Postal Code>

Users create a correspondence record and then associate a template and a recipient, then after clicking on "Generate" button the mail merge happens and we get the following error message after clicking "Done" button

"An unexpected value <'?'> is retrieved for the multi valued field <'?'>. The expected value is <'?'>. This might be due to modification of the selected record in the Multi Valued Group by another user after the record was retrieved. It could also mean that the record itself contain an invalid primary Id. Please check and correct the data before proceeding (SBL-DAT-00674)"

I noticed the this happens for the Recipient (Contact having primary address) associated to a correspondence record having a Primary Account and there is address for the Account.

if I erase the primary address for the Account and then click "Generate" & then "Done" button then the correspondence works fine, it also generates activity properly. However for the Contacts having primary accounts with address populated the correspondence "Done" button doesn't work I get the error popup message as above.

I also tried spooling the SQL however the SQL didn't show any such error message.


This behavior has been reproduced internally in 7.8.x SIA applications and Bug 12-1EEX0K1 was logged to address this issue in future releases. However, upon analysis, the issue was deemed to be a duplicate of existing Bug 12-1EEZ9WY.  The issue could not be reproduced in Siebel 8.0 and hence it was closed.


The workaround for this behavior is to perform the following changes using Siebel Tools:

- Select field Account Id under BC Action;
- Remove the Picklist;
- Inactivate all pickmaps under field Account Id;
- Compile BC Action.

Also it is possible to inactivate standard done button and create a new one that would generate the correspondence activity using scripting.



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