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SBL-DAT-00223: An error has occurred finding your prior place in the system. The record no longer exists or is not available to the view. Please try a

Applies to:

Siebel Campaigns - Version: [20420] - Release: V8

Information in this document applies to any platform.
The customer initially created a Direct Mail Treatment and associated it with the required offer. This Treatment is visible both in "All Treatments" view as well as in " Direct Mail Treatments" view. And, while drilling down the treatment from Direct Mail Treatment view, they are able to navigate to the destination view which is "Direct Mail Offer Literature View", however, when drilling down the same Treatment from "All Treatment" view, the customer was encountering the above mentioned error message.


Eliminating the below error message by verifying and enabling the missing views.


The customer has resolved the issue by adding the view "Indirect Offer Literature". The addition of this view has resolved the issue for all channel types that the customer was facing.

Applies to:

Siebel Tools - Version: SIA [18372] and later   [Release: V7 and later ]
z*OBSOLETE: Microsoft Windows 2000
Product Release: V7 (Enterprise)
Version: [18372]

This document was previously published as Siebel SR 38-3255805982.


Log in to the application using a userid that does not have access to All Activities List View or other administrative views. Go to All Accounts and drilldown into an account.
Navigate to View TAB "Activities" (Account Detail - Activities View). Drill down into an activity which does not belong to you or which you are not in the service team. You get error “An error has occurred finding your prior place in the system. The record no longer exists or is not available to the view. Please try a new query.(SBL-DAT-00223)”

The behavior does not occur if you include All Activities List View to the responsibility of this user.


In 7.7.2, Siebel allowed users with All Accounts List View and not All Activities List View to see all activities associated with an account, even those you did not own, as long as you got to these activities through the Account Screen. This was determined to be a security hole, and was changed in to no longer allow access to activities that are not owned by the user, even through the Account Screen. 


With the following steps we were able to configure similar functionality:

1. Clone "Activities Attachment View" -> "Activities Attachment All View"
2. Modify "Activity Form Applet" and "Activity Attachment Applet" in the new "Activities Attachment All View" so that Applet Visibility Type is set to All.
3. Modify the "Account Activity List Applet" “Original” Drilldown Object to point to “Activity Attachment All View”.
4. Clone "Activities Screen" -> "Activities All Screen"
5. Modify "Activity All Screen” to change "Activities Attachment View" to "Activities Attachment All View".
6. Modify the Application object (I was using “Siebel Universal Agent”) to add Activities All Screen" as a Screen Menu Item. Leave "Sequence" and "Text" set to null.
7. Compile all changes.
8. Log into Client.
9. Modify Responsibility to include both "Activities Attachment View" and "Activities Attachment All View".

The behavior seen is that after you drill into the activity from the account, as long as you stay in that same BO within Activity Screen clone, then the Account context is maintained, whether you want it or not. Once you ever leave the BO, then you lose Account context, and it does not return short of going back to the Account and drilling in again. This is indicated by the existence of “Account” link in the History Thread Bar.
The above-mentioned behavior manifest itself in the following; Drill into an Activity from the Account. You see all the Activities for this Account. Click on the Activity List link at the top of the screen. You bring up Activity List Applet, and all the activities that you own within the Account that you drilled into are shown. Click on the Activity Home Page link (A different BO). Then click on the Activity List link a second time. All of the Activities you own across all accounts are now shown.

This solution does allow access to all activities through the Account View, and limits access when drilling down through the Activities List, but does have inconsistencies as the user maintains or loses Account context.

Keywords: SBL-DAT-00223, Account Activity Drilldown, 12-1F2EBQR

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  1. Hi,

    Recently I have faced teh same issue in 8.1.x application, and issue resolved by deleting cache and relogging to the application and export. It works as expected.