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Product Release: V7 (Enterprise)
Version: [19221]
Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2005
Application Server OS: Microsoft Windows 2003 Server
Database Server OS: Microsoft Windows 2003 Server

This document was previously published as Siebel SR 38-3341715698.



We were trying to test the import of AICC Course. We have received a sample AICC course from the client.
We did the following as part of set-up:

1.Created a new physical directory C:/AICCtestStd
2.Created a new virtual directory AICCtestStd with all permissions set; added MIME types:
.loc with a MIME type of text/xml
.sbs with a MIME type of text/xml
3.Placed the contents of the course in the folder C:/AICCtestStd.
4.Did the necessary restart.

We tried importing the AICC course. In the field for URL of .AU file, we gave the value as "http://<hostname>/AICCtestStd/crs/" and gave the Launch Type as HACP.The system gave me an error "The file 'http://<hostname>/AICCtestStd/crs/' could not be found.(SBL-UIF-00228)".

I have uploaded the sample AICC course in siebel's ftp site in the "Upload" folder. The name of the folder is AICCIII. Could you please try to import the AICC course and see if it goes successfully for you? Please also let us know the detailed steps that you followed for the set-up as well as the procedure for import.



Message 1

For the benefit of other users:

It was found that the file could not be opened using the virtual directory path, using
a)    IIS
b)    a browser with the virtual address of the file.

When setting up the virtual and physical directory for AICC or SCORM training, please note the following:

1. The IIS process accesses the file using a different user from the logged-in user:
a)    With Windows Authentication switched off, it uses its own login; in this case you must grant access to users IWAM_<hostname>, as well as IUSR_<hostname>.
b)    With Windows Authentication switched on, it uses the current user's login ON THE WEB SERVER - this might be the anonymous user login coming from the browser, or an explicit login.

Note that in both cases each directory in the whole directory path must grant this access.

2. Furthermore, if the physical directory is on a different machine, this will only work for a domain account, because you can only grant access to a physical file for a user who is known on the system where the physical file resides.

3. The course execution may also require that the following MIME types be added to the virtual directory:
.crs    with a MIME type of text/xml
.cst    with a MIME type of text/xml
.des    with a MIME type of text/xml

... continued in next update

Message 2

continued from previous update ...

Once these changes had been applied to the customer's environment, the course would start successfully but later fail with the following errors:

a) Error: 'dragMgr' is undefined
Code: 0
URL: http://<hostname>/AICCTraining/a001_finn_frem_drag_drop.htm

This error occurred for a number of different object names. However, the value assignments for each of the "undefined" objects existed file 'a001_finn_frem_drag_drop.htm'.

b) Error: Object expected
Code: 0
URL: http://<hostname>/AICCTraining/a001_finn_frem_drag_drop.html

This was found to be a matter of the course logic itself, and the customer was advised to contact their course provider as it seems that there is some error in the course logic, or the course may not be compatible with the customer's Java Runtime version.


Siebel Tools - Version 7.8.2 SIA [19213] and later
z*OBSOLETE: Microsoft Windows Server 2003
Version: 7.8.2 [19213] FRA Fin Svcs

Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2005

Application Server OS: Microsoft Windows 2003 Server SP1

Database Server OS: Microsoft Windows 2003 Server SP1

This document was previously published as Siebel SR 38-3001645811.


In version 7.8.2 [19213] Financial Services, in Tools navigate to ‘ISS Product Administration View’. Admin Mode Flag is TRUE. In customer environment this behavior was reproduced with Admin Mode Flag equal to FALSE but I confirmed that this can be reproduced regardless of this property being TRUE or FALSE.

In the BC associated to the applets of this view "Internal Product - ISS Admin", set No Insert, No Update, No Merge and No Delete, Owner Delete to FALSE.

Also set No Delete and Owner Delete to FALSE at BC "ISS Product Details BusComp", because the business component "Internal Product - ISS Admin" calls the business component "ISS Product Details BusComp".

Note: You may need to compile other related objects again (view, applets, etc) for changes to take effect.

The following behavior is reproducible on standard configurations testing against sample database:

1.    Go to Administration – Document > Literature
2.    Create a new record by specifying a file name
3.    Go to Administration – Product
4.    Go to Columns Displayed and expose Image File Name field
5.    Create a new record and enter Image File Name (created in step 2)
6.    After saving this record, try to copy a product record
7.    The error SBL-UIF-00228 will be displayed: The file '%1' could not be found.


 Bug 10507984 has been logged to address this behavior.


There is currently no configurable workaround.

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