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SBL-UIF-00210.You are not connected to a valid file server

Applies to:

Siebel CRM - Version 7.5.2 [16007] to 7.8.2 [19213] [Release V7]
Generic Windows


SBL-UIF-00210, SBL-GEN-05009
While hosting the Siebel File System on a Solaris Box and the SAP Connector Siebel Server on a Windows 2000 machine the following error was observed when the EAI Queue attempted to access the filesystem :
... ObjMgrLog Error 4 ... (SBL-UIF-00210) You are not connected to a valid file server. Please contact your system administrator. ...


Name resolution (DNS) to the gateway server was incorrect, preventing proper communication with the component File System Manager ('FSMSrvr')

The 'SAP BAPI tRFC Receiver' component was running on a Siebel Server (Windows platform) without direct access (file share) to the Siebel File System.
The Siebel File System was hosted by the central Siebel Server instance, installed on the Unix machine (Sun Solaris).
The Siebel File System access for all Sever components (on Windows and Unix Siebel Servers) was provided via the File System Manager 'FSMSrvr') component approach ('Siebel File System' = '*FSM*' parameter setting).

This is the typical way in Siebel Application version 7 to allow Siebel Object Manager (like SAP BAPI tRFC BAPI Receiver) to access the Siebel File System content (for example for work with business component file attachments).

Following diagnostics was provided from Oracle Support, after analyzing the BAPI Receiver detailed log:

The inability to work with the Siebel File System Manager component (*FSM*) on Solaris machine was just follow-up because of Siebel Gateway communication problem.

The latter, in turn was caused, since the TCP/IP stack on Windows machine was not able to resolve the not-fully qualified name (like: 'abc') of the Siebel Gateway host to a valid IP address:

SisnNetGeneric SisnNetGeneric 3 ... 2768: [TCPIP-client] failed to resolve hostname: abc (err=11001 | <NULL>)

GenericLog GenericError 1 ... NSC - ErrCode 5009 SysErr 0

GenericLog GenericError 1 ...(scbconn.cpp 5(107) err=5009 sys=0) SBL-GEN-05009: Unable to connect to gateway server

ObjMgrLog Error 4 ... (SBL-UIF-00210) You are not connected to a valid file server. Please contact your system administrator. ...


The reported behaviour was solved by providing a full-quailified name of the Siebel Gateway host (like '') in the Siebel Enterprise Parameters, used by this Siebel Server / Component:

    via named sub-system: 'ServerDataSrc', parameter: 'DSGatewayAddress'
    via named sub-system: 'GatewayDataSrc', parameter: 'DSConnectString'
WARNING: Support for this connector is near or at end of life. Please review Document : 1455674.1 - Siebel CRM Application Connectors (SAP, Oracle Applications) Statement of Direction

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