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Applies to:

Siebel Assignment Manager - Version 7.8.2 [19213] to 8.1.1 [21112] [Release V7 to V8]
Information in this document applies to any platform.


Assignment Manager was offline with error code SBL-SVR-01043.   Log Snippet:
SmiLayerLog Error 1 0 2009-05-17 16:35:06 Internal: Failed to schedule an MTServer (error SBL-SVR-01043: The component is not enabled)

Customer had examined Metalink Doc ID 521381.1 and verified this condition did not exist in his environment.


Customer has recently undergone Oracle Upgrade from 9i to 10g. There were issues with the upgrade but they believed them to be resolved. A couple days post resolution, customer noticed some issues with Assignment. After a service restart, the component became completely non-functional


Siebns.dat file shows component as enabled but offline.
Review of the more detailed logs showed 2 errors in vanilla Dynamic Candidates for Assignment Object TM Contact

Dynamic Candidate Team Staging Minor # TM Contact Geo Zone Hierarchy Division Driven in Assignment Object TM Contact has an invalid Team Type. Team Type should be either Position, Employee, or Organization. Please check the configuration in Tools."
Dynamic candidate Operational # TM Contact Geo Zone Hierarchy Division Driven in assignment object TM Contact is not configured correctly.


To resolve the Dynamic Candidate Issues:
Dynamic Candidate Staging Minor # TM Contact Geo Zone Hierarchy Division Driven had no Team Type. Team Type was set to the vanilla setting of position
Dynamic Candidate Operational # TM Contact Hierarchy Division Driven - it had it's candidate component set, but did not have the Candidate ID column. This was set to the vanilla setting of POSTN_ID

rulecache.dat and diccache.dat were renamed and regenerated.

This resolved all Assignment Manager Errors and the component would now function on another server.

To resolve the issue of the siebns.dat showing the component as "offline", the customer unassigned the component from the server, synchronized and reassigned.

Applies to:

Siebel System Software - Version [19219] and later
z*OBSOLETE: Microsoft Windows Server 2003
Product Release: V7 (Enterprise)
Version: [19219]
Database: Oracle 9i
Application Server OS: Microsoft Windows 2003 Server SP1
Database Server OS: Sun Solaris 9



SBL-SVR-01015, SBL-SVR-01043, SBL-SMI-00033, SBL-NET-01034, SBL-NET-01033, SBL-ADM-01044, SBL-SCB-00015, SBL-SCB-00011
Each night a cold DB backup is taken on each environment. This is affecting a number of components on the Siebel server:

Transaction Processor
Transaction Merger
Transaction Router
Server Tables Cleanup

These components need to be restarted each morning as the backup is affecting them. Hence scripts were used to shutdown the siebel server 15 mins before backup is taken and another to restart it in the morning. On another environmnet the shutdown script appears to hang (i.e batch job does not complete). All the parameters are correct as the command would not run otherwise.


Configuration/ Setup


The customer's script:

D:\sea78\test\siebsrvr\BIN\srvrmgr /g UKGateway /e siebtest /s SiebTest1 /u sadmin /p password /c "shutdown appserver SiebTest1"

In review of the customer's component log files, could see that there was a problem with one or more components shutting down. The "shutdown appserver" command issued from the Server manager command-line is a synchronous process, thus the command will block until all tasks in the server have exited. There could be a problem stopping one or more components, caused either by the components themselves, or caused by the synchronous nature of the shutdown process (ie. one component is waiting on a response from another component, or the Siebel server - that may have already been shutdown).

The customer was recommended to use the Windows command, net stop. The net stop command is used as follows:

net stop <service>

For example:

net stop SiebSrvr

Which would stop the service called SiebSrvr.

Assuming you do not have any problem stopping your Siebel Server service using the Windows' Services utility, then you should not experience a problem with using the net stop command to stop the Siebel Server service.

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