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SBL-EAI-05006: Failed to load the JVM Dll. Check that the specified dll name is correct.

Applies to: Siebel CRM - Version: SIA [20412] and later [Release: V8 and later ]
Information in this document applies to any platform.
Customer encountered the following error when starting a task for JMSReceiver server component using Siebel server command line:

start task for comp JMSReceiver with ReceiverConnectionSubsystem=CRMAEAIJMSConnSubSys,ReceiverDataHandlingSubsystem=SiebelEcho,ReceiverMethodName=ReceiveDispatchSend
SBL-ADM-60070: Error reported on server 'ss_migsvil1' follows:
SBL-SVR-01014: Internal: Could not send the HELLO message: (null)
SBL-NET-01033: The SISNAPI handshake timed out. The Siebel Service may not be running.
Error was caused by the DLL parameter used/required by this component was referencing the wrong version of the DLL/.so library file.
Customer enabled detailed logging on the server component, reproduced the error, inspected the log file and was able to see to detailed error message indicating that "SBL-EAI-05006: Failed to load the JVM Dll"
Customer is on HP-UX, they were setting the DLL parameter to value:
However, this is not the correct version to use. The correct version for HP-UX is from "/opt/java1.5/jre/lib/IA64N/server/"
The library file that should be used is from "/opt/java1.5/jre/lib/IA64N/server/", as this is the version documented in Siebel Bookshelf:
Siebel Bookshelf > Siebel Application Deployment Manager Guide > Configuring and Administering the ADM Framework > Process of Configuring the ADM Framework after Installing Siebel Management Server and Siebel Management Agent > Configuring the Siebel Server for ADM:

Select the JVM DLL Name parameter, and verify that the entry in the Value field references the location of the jvm.dll file in the JRE installation.

The JVM DLL Name parameter value depends on the operating system. See the following table for the values for the different operating systems.

Operating System Parameter Value

Windows: JRE_HOME/bin/client/jvm.dll
Solaris: JRE_HOME/lib/sparc/client/
AIX: JRE_HOME/bin/j9vm/ (IBM JRE)
Novell SUSE Linux JRE_HOME/lib/i386/client/
Oracle Enterprise Linux JRE_HOME/lib/i386/client/libjvm
HP-UX JRE_HOME/lib/IA64N/server/
SolutionOnce the DLL parameter was updated to "/opt/java1.5/jre/lib/IA64N/server/", the error no longer occurred.
The following change request has been logged to include the above dll/.so library information into EAI Guide under JMS Transport section as well:
Documentation CR # 10545448 - include documentation of jvm.dll and versions in EAI Guide

Applies to: Siebel System Software - Version: 7.7.2 SIA [18325] and later [Release: V7 and later ]
Oracle Solaris on SPARC (64-bit)
Product Release: V7 (Enterprise)
Version: 7.7.2 [18325] Com/Med
Database: Oracle
Application Server OS: Sun Solaris 9
Database Server OS: Sun Solaris 8

This document was previously published as Siebel SR 38-1584186765.
SymptomsAfter configuring the environment as per bookshelf indications to invoke a java business service, when attempting to run one of its methods on the Business Simulator the following message is observed:
"Failed to load the JVM Dll. Check that the specified dll name is correct (SBL-EAI-05006)"

This problem occurs under Solaris. The code and configuration had been successfully tested under Windows.
Cause64 bit jvm was used.
The reason, the JVM DLL could not be loaded by the Siebel Object Manager call, is the difference in its CPU-bits platform/compilation:
- 32-bits architecture for Siebel Object Manager C++ run-time environment (including 'MainWin' run-time)
- 64-bits for currently used JVM shared library: <JDK_HOME>/jre/lib/sparcv9/server/
Suggestion: Modify the 'DLL' parameter in the used 'JAVA' named sub-system, to load/invoke a 32-bits JVM shared library, provided with the accordant JDK version.This can be either 32-bits client JVM library: <JDK_HOME>/jre/lib/sparc/client/
or 32-bits server JVM library: <JDK_HOME>/jre/lib/sparc/server/

Note: you should not modify any of 'siebmt*' Siebel Server Component startup scripts, since these changes are not necessary (and even not supported) for successful use of the EAI Java integration approach on the SUN Solaris platform

BUG: 10483157 has been logged to ask for accordant Siebel product documentation enhancement (to note what 64-bit JVM can not be used the for 32-bits implementation of an EAI Java Business Service).


Applies to: Siebel Clinical Manager - Version: SIA [19224] - Release: V7
Information in this document applies to any platform.

Product: Siebel Clinical Manager
Version: SIA [19224]
OS platform: HP-UX PA-RISC (64-bit)
DB platform: Oracle Server - Enterprise Edition
Env: dev

Statement of Issue:
With the parameter OM - Preload SRF Data set to FALSE, the JMSReceiver task fails with an error on start-up.

ObjMgrBusServiceLog Error 1 0 2010-01-21 13:41:02 (javabsvc.cpp (164)) SBL-EAI-05006: Failed to load the JVM Dll. Check that the specified dll name is correct.

Business Impact:
JMSReceiver is required to pick messages up from a JMS queue and process them.
The environment variable SHLIB_PATH is not set correctly in <siebsrvr>/

The environment variable LD_PRELOAD is not set in the following files:


SHLIB_PATH is set as follows in


SHLIB_PATH should not include multiple java directories, which it does in this case.

LD_PRELOAD is set as follows in

export LD_PRELOAD=/opt/java1.4/jre/lib/PA_RISC2.0/server/

LD_PRELOAD is not specified in, and
Solution1. Set SHLIB_PATH as follows in


2. Add the following entries to /bin/siebshw, /bin/siebprocw and /bin/siebsessw:


3. Restart the machine so that the changes take effect.
ReferencesNOTE:818975.1 - Automatically restarted JMSReceiver task fails with “Failed to load the JVM Dll.”.

Applies to: Siebel Service - Version: [19234] and later [Release: V7 and later ]
Information in this document applies to any platform.
SymptomsCustomer experienced the following error while trying to execute a Java Business Service (JBS) on a 64 bit HP UX B.11.11 U 9000/800 box, whereas the same JBS worked fine on a windows environment:

Error: SiebelError: Failed to load the JVM Dll. Check that the specified dll name is correct.(SBL-EAI-05006)
CauseFrom the detailed log file, it was observed that parameters provided for the JAVA named subsystem was not provided correctly (per recommendation in Bookshelf).
SolutionTo verify the behaviour, internal tests were conducted on standard siebel application on HP UX platform, in which an EAI JAVA Business Service was implemented to execute the sample java code provided as an example in Bookshelf > Transports and Interfaces: Siebel Enterprise Application Integration > Java Business Service > Example of a Java Business Service. It worked fine with the below set up using JRE 1.4

1) Creating JAVA named subsytem:

The JAVA subsystem was created with the following parameters:

DLL = /opt/java1.4/jre/lib/PA_RISC2.0/server/
CLASSPATH = /vol1/sia78ora/sumana/Siebel.jar:/vol1/sia78ora/sumana/SiebelJI_enu.jar:/vol1/sia78ora/sumana:.
VMOPTIONS = -Xrs -Djava.compiler=NONE -Xusealtsigs

Since Siebel is a 32-bit application, it need to access 32 bit libraries. In HP UX B11.11 the directory PA_RISC2.0 contains the 32 bit libraries ( Refer to link: So the DLL paramter needs to specify the complete path of the the java runtime library (i.e libjvm.s) contained in PA_RISC2.0 of the HP UX installation directory.

Also it is important to the use the additional switch “-Xusealtsigs” for the parameter VMOptions .

2) Platform specific settings for HP UX OS:

For HP UX platform, the below environment variables were set as below:


For more details on creating JAVA named subsytem and other platform specific settings, please refer to:

Bookshelf > Transports and Interfaces: Siebel Enterprise Application Integration > Java Business Service > Prerequisites for Implementing a JBS

Applies to: Siebel System Software - Version: SIA [19230] - Release: V7
IBM AIX on POWER Systems (64-bit)
Product Release: V7 (Enterprise)
Version: [19230] ESN Cons Goods
Database: Oracle
Application Server OS: IBM AIX 5L 5.2 ML6
Database Server OS: IBM AIX 5L 5.3

This document was previously published as Siebel SR 38-3502083683.
SymptomsWe are in the testing phase of an outbound web service integration that requires the encryption of the message sent.
In order to encrypt the message, our client has developed a java jar file that we call from our workflow through the Java Business Service.
This is working perfectly in our local machine but we have come across several errors while running it in the siebel server:
1. Firstly, we received the following error: "SiebelError: Error al llamar a JNI_CreateJavaVM.(SBL-EAI-05003)" which we identified with Siebel Alert 1308 (Doc ID 475359.1). We changed the JVM version to 1.5.0.
2. Then we received the following error: "SiebelError: Error al cargar el Dll JVM. Compruebe que el nombre de archivo dll es correcto.(SBL-EAI-05006)". Looking into SR 38-1584186765 we found out we needed the JVM 32-bit installation. We changed it accordingly.
3. Now, the workflow process hangs in the "Obtener Firma" step when we call the Java Business Service, without receiving any detailed error message.

We have attached the following information:
1. WfProcMgr_8310.log: the log of the Workflow Process executed with event parameters to 4.
2. CK EAI Java Business Service Web Service.sif: the Java Business Service
3. CK Transformar Venta Asistida.sif: BS that calls to Java BS (with the "Obtener Firma" method).
4. CK Envio Online Venta Asistida.xml: the workflow process.

The environment variables are as follows:

The java subsystem definition is as follows:
Profile: JAVA
Alias: JAVA
Subsystem Type: JVMSubSys
Profile Parameters:
DLL: "/usr/java5/jre/bin/classic/libjvm.a"
CauseError on the LIBPATH definition on AIX.
SolutionMessage 1Customer was trying to run a Java Business Sevice with Siebel Server on AIX and had followed the steps in bookshelf "Transports and Interfaces: Siebel Enterprise Application Integration > Java Business Service > Prerequisites for Implementing a JBS"

However, whe trying to call the JBS the OM would hang.
Also tried "EAI JMS Transport" , "CheckClassPath". this would either hang, crash or restart the OM.

This was tracked down to being a LIBPATH issue.

To be safe.. ensure the LIBPATH has following :

JAVADIR/jre/bin << IMPORTANT AS it has "libjava.a"

Raised Change Request #12-1MB605R as we dont document all the correct directories for LIBPATH on AIX

keywords: crash, hang, jvm, aix,, libjvm.a,libjava.a



Siebel > Customer Relationship Management > CRM - Enterprise Edition > Siebel System Software


SBL-EAI-05006; SBL-EAI-05003

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  1. Missed .dll library files was the worst problem for me when I had win XP. But nowadays you can download for free missed .dll file from and add in into the system 32 folder. There is no need to install any additional tools, try to and I'm sure you'll fix your problem with it fast. Good luck.