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Applies to: Siebel eService - Version: 7.7.2 [18325] to 8.1 [21039] - Release: V7 to V8
Information in this document applies to any platform.
SymptomsOn : [18379] version, Siebel EAI, EAI Siebel Adapter Business Service / QueryPage method.

When attempting to run a workflow process including in its first step a call to EAI Siebel Adapter BS / QueryPage method, the following error occurs when setting Input Property PageSize with a value greater than 100.

PageSize method argument cannot be greater than 'Y' specified by the server parameter 'MaximumPageSize' (SBL-EAI-04606)

The issue can be also reproduced with vanilla configuration using BS Simulator with the following steps:
1. From Siebel client, go to SiteMap > Business Services > Simulator
2. Add a new record with BS EAI Siebel Adapter and Method QueryPage.
3. Load the Input arguments from a file with the following content, as example:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><?Siebel-Property-Set EscapeNames="true"?><PropertySet
OutputIntObjectName="EAI Account"
SearchSpec="[Account.Name] LIKE 'B*'"
Ensure of using a search specification that will have more than 100 records related in Siebel.
4. When select 'Run' the error message is displayed.
5. Changing the PageSize from 101 to 100 and repeating the test, it works fine, returning 100 records for IO.

CauseThe issue is caused by the following setup:

Parameter MaximumPageSize = 100
As default value for Enterprise although this can also be set at Object Manager layer.

The parameter 'MaximumPageSize' is included at Enterprise and Object Manager layer, and is part of EAI Sub system. Description:

"QueryPage method will error out if PageSize method argument is greater than MaximumPageSize value"

The default value is 100.

In the case of Dedicated Client, this parameter should be included in the configuration file for the Dedicated client being used (uagent.cfg for Call center for example), under the [EAI Subsys] section:

MaximumPageSize = 500
In order to solve the issue with the QueryPage method, you have to set this value to the expected value, for example 500, in the corresponding level: Enterprise or Object Manager.

a. From Siebel Client, go to Site Map > Administration รข€“ Server Configuration. If the parameter is going to be set at the Enterprise level, go to Enterprise > Parameter; otherwise, as in the case of this example, go to Server > Components > Parameters
b. From Components, select WorkFlow Process Manager
c. From Parameter, search for 'Maximum Page Size'
d. For Parameter 'MaximumPageSize' change the 'Value on Restart' to 4000.
e. In order for component to take the change, restart the Object Manager.

Then repeat the test with a value greater than 100.

Depending on the size of the IO being used, the number of transactions expected to be executed for this workflow process and the implementation used (for example, if this is published as an inbound web service), consider to double check and test the complete solution, as a response including too many instances of the IO might generate some performance or unexpected issues for end clients.

Thank you!
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