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SBL-EAI-04315: Web Service '%1' does not have a port with name '%2'.

Applies to:
Product Release: V7 (Enterprise)
Version: [AN 5533] Analytics
Database: Oracle
Application Server OS: IBM AIX 5L 5.2
Database Server OS: IBM AIX 5L 5.2

This document was previously published as Siebel SR 38-2805629801.


We have installed Siebel Marketing Analytics.
When trying to add a new segment in the Campaign Admin Lists View we get the error:
Webservice bezit geen poort met de naam SAWSessionServiceSoap.(SBL-EAI-04315)

(see attached screenshot)

We are able to 'see' in the webcat: the two folders are presented (SADMIN & shared). The error occurs when clicking on one of the folders.

As we are able to get this far (seeing inside the webcat) we assume that the URL for the webservice and the login/passwords are fine.

This is a roadblock for our project, can you please advise?


Message 1
For the benefit of other users :

When trying to add a segment to Campaign Aministration Lists View, an error messag showed :

Web Service '%1' does not have a port with name '%2'.

Customer found the the solution for this issue:
For the Default Marketing Server different parameter types are defined. However, these types (Authentication Service, Catalog Service, Job Execution Service, etc.) didn't exist in the LOVs, not in ENU and not in NLD.

After adding these types in the LOV SAW_SERVER_DETAIL_TYPE the problem was solved.

Keywords : Segment , Webservice, SAWSessionServiceSoap , SBL-EAI-04315


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