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SBL-EAI-04120: Error Base64-decoding binary attachment with ContentId: '%1'

<H2 class=km>Applies to: </H2>
Siebel System Software - Version: [16066]<max_ver> and later&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;[Release: V7 and later ]</rel><BR>z*OBSOLETE: Microsoft Windows 2000<br>
Product Release: V7 (Enterprise)<br>
Version: [16066]<br>
Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2000 SP 2<br>
Application Server OS: Microsoft Windows 2000 Server SP 2<br>
Database Server OS: Microsoft Windows 2000 Server SP 2<br>
This document was previously published as Siebel SR 38-1111862111.<br>
***Checked for relevance on 18-Nov-2010***

<H2 class=km><A NAME="SYMPTOM"></A>Symptoms</H2>
While trying to create an activity record and add an attachment to that activity using the EAI Siebel Adapter, the activity and attachment records were created successfully but the contents of the attachment file that is not “.txt” extension such as .htm or .doc was not showed properly when opening the file via clicking on corresponding hyper link of the attachment.<br><br>The log file generated when creating the activity and attachment records showed following errors:<br><br><br>
<div class="kmcodeblock" style="width:95%">
<code class="km">EAITransport    EAITransportWarning    2    2003-11-10 09:53:14    [0] Cannot convert XML Hierarchy to Integration Object Hierarchy.<br>(SBL-EAI-04111) (IDS_EAI_ERR_EAIXMLCNV_XMLHIER_TO_INTOBJ)<br>EAITransport    EAITransportWarning    2    2003-11-10 09:53:14    [1] <strong>Error Base64-decoding binary attachment with ContentId: '1-B38'(SBL-EAI-04120) </strong>(IDS_EAI_ERR_INTOBJHIER_ATTACH_DECODE)<br>EAITransport    EAITransportWarning    2    2003-11-10 09:53:14    [2] Error invoking service 'EAI XML Converter', method 'XMLDocToIntObjHier' at step 'Convert'.(SBL-BPR-00162) (0x80d8)<br><br></code></div><br>The activity and attachment message was sent from external application to Siebel application via HTTP.<br>
<H2 class=km><A NAME="CAUSE"></A>Cause</H2>
The http payload was sent through internet explorer´s address bar as part of the URL (HTTP GET method).<br>This caused unwanted characterset conversions that lead to the issues described here.<br><br><br>
<H2 class=km><A NAME="FIX"></A>Solution</H2>
<br>The reported behavior was not reproducible when processing the incoming message read using EAI File Transport business service in Siebel dedicated client .<br><br>The behavior was also not reproducible when sending the incoming message via HTML form  (HTTP POST method).<br><br><br><br>
<div class="kmnotebox"><strong>It is recommended that you do not use internet explorer´s address bar (URL) to send the payload.<br>Instead, please use a form and submit the data in the Message Body of the request (POST method).</strong><br></div><br>

<H2 class=km>Applies to: </H2>
Error Message Area:Application Integration Infrastructure, Enterprise Application Interfaces - EAI<BR>
Version:Siebel 8.1<BR>
<H2 class=km><A NAME="REF_PURPOSE"></A>Purpose</H2>
This document is intended to provide cause and corrective action information about Siebel Error Message SBL-EAI-04120: Error base64-decoding binary attachment with ContentId: '%1'.
<H2 class=km><A NAME="REF_SCOPE"></A>Scope</H2>
This document is informational and intended for any user.
<H2 class=km><A NAME="REF_TEXT"></A>SBL-EAI-04120: Error base64-decoding binary attachment with ContentId: '%1'.</H2>
<H3 CLASS=km><A NAME=aref1>Explanation</A></H3>
When passing file attachments in an XML document, the attachment content is encoded using a base64 encoding algorithm.  For some reason, the base64-encoded content could not be decoded.  Most likely, the content is corrupt.  One common reason for this is
<H3 CLASS=km><A NAME=aref2>Corrective Action</A></H3>
Make sure that base64-encoded string is valid.

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