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SBL-DBC-00112: An error has occurred executing a query

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Bug Attributes

Type D - Documentation Fixed in Product Version -
Severity 2 - Severe Loss of Service Product Version 1.0
Status 13 - Doc Bug (Response/Resolution) Platform 289 - GENERIC (All Platforms)
Created 24-Nov-2009 Platform Version NO DATA
Updated 09-Feb-2011 Base Bug -
Database Version N/A
Affects Platforms Generic
Product Source Oracle

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Line Siebel Family Customer Relationship Management
Area CRM - Enterprise Edition Product 8962 - Siebel Documentation

Hdr: 10581921 N/A SIEBEL_DOC 1.0 LIF_SCI_GD PRODID-8962 PORTID-289
Abstract: [CR#12-1VMCEE7][FR#12-1VMCEET] LSG. SBL-DBC-00112, SBL-DAT-00175, & ORA-2396 ER

*** 05/06/10 03:39 pm ***
Summary: LSG. SBL-DBC-00112, SBL-DAT-00175, & ORA-2396 errors are thrown
when initiating create accounts BS.
How to Reproduce: "'LS Pharma Account Contact Service¿ BS is invoked
because of the BC User Prop ¿LS Pharma Targeting: Account Contact
Relationship Enhancement¿ on Account and Contact BCs.

2) This user property is applicable only if customer is using Account-Contact
functionality (for the Japanese market). Otherwise, you can just disable it.
There are no issues with setting this user property to false.

3) This user property is creating a new db session in background when is
active. Why this is happening?
*** 05/06/10 03:39 pm ***
*** 02/09/11 04:23 pm *** (CHG: Committed to Fix-> C -> NULL)

1 comment:

  1. we had faced the same issue after DB Upgrade from 10g to 11g and
    gathering the statistics of the relevant tables which are being queired after upgrade will fix the issue.

    so total DB stats shld be gathered if possible to avoid such errors.