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SBL-BPR-00223: The lookup of LOV '%1' for entry named '%2' failed.

Applies to:

Product Release: V7 (Enterprise)

Version: 7.8.2 [19213] FRA Life Sci

Database: Oracle 9i

Application Server OS: Microsoft Windows 2000 Server SP 4

Database Server OS: Microsoft Windows 2000 Server SP 4

This document was previously published as Siebel SR 38-2874176487.



Dear support,

We are upgrading Siebel from version 7.5.3 to version 7.8.2 and face some
troubles with the Workflow Processes.
Custom workflows have been exported and imported as
described in the Siebel upgrade documentation but they do not function as expeced.
We get the
following errors:
"invkmthd.cpp (5675)) SBL-UIF-00299: Incorrect values or incorrect type of
values detected in the Type field...
converter.cpp (1436)) SBL-BPR-00223: He cannot consult a
list of value..."

Could you help us please to understand what can cause this



Message 1

For the benefit of other readers, the following problem was encountered.

Assume the following organization enabled LOV with following value/organization pairs





Assume a workflow process defined on a Runtime Event (RTE) which has a condition on a field using above LOV and compare to Val3.

The current logged user’s primary organization is Org1.

The first time the user triggers the RTE the process is loaded. However, due to the above condition, the loading needs the LOV entry in cache and therefore query them but filtering with current logged user’s primary organization, Org1. It searches Val3, do not find it and raises the error below.

ObjMgrLog    Error    1    0    2006-02-13 17:28:43    (converter.cpp (1436)) SBL-BPR-00223: The lookup of LOV '%1' for entry named '%2' failed.    

ObjMgrLog    Error    1    0    2006-02-13 17:28:43    (invkmthd.cpp (5675)) SBL-UIF-00299: Wrong field values or value types detected in field Area. Please re-enter your field values. If you need additional assistance, please refer to the documentation.

The process is not loaded and not executed.

Organization enable LOV should not prevent the process to load. Change request 12-1BVA2TX was created to have this addressed in future version.

Continue ...

Message 2

... Part 2

In the above example, the condition is a test with literal against the buscomp’s field directly. One possible workaround is to first get the value of the field into a process property and then do the comparison with the literal against this process property. In this context, the pick list is not loaded because the process property is “disconnected” from the field it was initialized with.

To get the value of the field, following step may be used (for instance).

Business service step:

BS: Workflow Utilities

Method: Echo

Input arguments:

Input Argument: theValue

Type: Business Component

Buscomp Name: <buscomp’s Name>

Buscomp Field: <Field’s Name>

Output Arguments:

Property Name: <process property’s Name>

Type: Output Argument

Output Argument: theValue

The above solution works for none Multi-lingual environment. If the LOV used in this case is Multi-Lingual (MLOV), you cannot compare to literal. An expression with LookupValue should be used instead. However, LookupValue does not work with Organization Enable LOV and change request 12-VGKFK1 exists for this purpose. The possible approach is then to build your own BS to mimic what LookupValue should do.

Siebel Technical Support.

Applies to:

Siebel Workflow - Version: FINS [14162] - Release: V7

Information in this document applies to any platform.


We are upgrading from Siebel version 7.0.6 version 8. During testing we are encountering this error:
'SBL-BPR-00223: The lookup of LOV 'BPI_CC_SUB_AREA' for entry named 'Send MPIN' failed.'
As referred to DOC ID 490999.1, we've already checked the LOVs organization and it is the same as the test ids we are using.
To push through with our testing, we created the suggested workaround mentioned in the document, to create a business service to handle the LOVs. But going forward we would like to know what is the cause of this error.


The same reported behavior as in DOC ID 490999.1 has been reproduced and a change request 10547048 has been logged to address this issue in version [20416] SIA.



Applies to:

Product Release: V7 (Enterprise)

Version: 7.8.2 [19213] ESN Com/Med

Database: Oracle

Application Server OS: Sun Solaris 9

Database Server OS: Sun Solaris 9

This document was previously published as Siebel SR 38-3147789561.


SBL-SCR-00141, SBL-EXL-00145, SBL-BPR-00223

We are working with interactive workflow. Our problem is that in same cases when the workflow
stop in a wait we have to cancel the execution of the workflow. This cancel must execute from a
script. We try to find information of how to do that and we don’t have success. Can you give us
an idea how to solve this requirement?



Message 1

Hello Guillermo,

Thank you for using the Siebel SupportWeb.

For the benefit of other readers, the requirement was to be able to stop an interactive Workflow (which was currently suspended in a Wait step) from script. In this scenario, the Process Instance Id was already known.

The suggestion was to invoke the _StopInstance method on the Workflow Process Manager service, for example (with a hard coded Process Instance Id) :-

var bs_WF     = TheApplication().GetService("Workflow Process Manager");

var ps_inputs    = TheApplication().NewPropertySet();

var ps_outputs    = TheApplication().NewPropertySet();

ps_inputs.SetProperty("ProcessInstanceId", "1-IIT");

bs_WF.InvokeMethod("_StopInstance" , ps_inputs, ps_outputs);

Change request 12-1GK2EI8 has been logged to document the use of the _StopInstance method on the Workflow Process Manager service.

Siebel Technical Support

keywords instance, stop, abort, cancel, interactive

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