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SBL-BPR-00178: Process '%1' does not have property '%3' defined, and it is required at step '%2' for evaluation of business component field or express

Applies to:

Product Release: V7 (MidMarket)
Version: 7.5.3 [16157] MME
Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2000 SP 2
Application Server OS: Microsoft Windows 2000 Server SP 3
Database Server OS: Microsoft Windows 2000 Server SP 3

This document was previously published as Siebel SR 38-1296038091.


We have created a new Workflow Process that calls a Business Service. This Business service creates an Opportunity and a Quote for a sales person 90 days before the Agreement Expires. We have the workflow running through the Simulator fine. When we try to run the workflow through the Workflow Process Batch Manager we keep getting the error message that 'Parent Agreement PCI' (a custom business object) cannot be found. We know that it is included in the repository because we have screens built off of this.

Can you please help us troubleshoot this error message?

We have included the xml file of the Process, the error log and a .sif of the business object and business components.



Message 1

For the benefit of our readers.

The business requirement is to run their process in batch but the following error message was encountered when trying to execute process using a custom workflow process manager component.

Process 'Generate Renewal Process PCI' does not have property 'Object Id' defined, and it is required at step 'New Start 0' for evaluation of business component field or expression.(SBL-BPR-00178)

The customer confirmed this process worked when tested through the process simulator and through server component by specifying the Object Id. Upon further investigation it was found that the customer cloned a workflow process manager component when they should have cloned a workflow process batch manager component instead.

The Workflow Process Manager uses a Runprocess method and requires an object Id in order to process requests. This Object Id is passed in to the component through different trigger mechanism like, workflow policy, runtime events and scripting, etc.

However, Workflow Process Batch Manager uses a Runbatch method and executes on the primary business component of the process business object. For each fetched record, the Workflow Process Batch Manager invokes the workflow process and sets the Object ID process property as the current active row.

Additionally, the Siebel Business Process Designer Administration Guide > Running Workflow Processes > Running a Workflow Process in Batch,


Message 2


recommends that when running a process in batch, you may want to specify a search specification to limit the number of records that are evaluated.

The customer resolved the error message by changing the custom component to use Runbatch method and specified a search specification parameter to limit the number of records processed by their component.

The customer referenced SR 38-1069951561 to clone the component when instead they should have reference SR 38-1164252129 which provides instructions to clone a workflow process batch manager component.


Siebel Technical Support

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