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SBL-BPR-00174: No branch conditions are satisfied at step '%1'.

Applies to:

Siebel Marketing - Version: SIA [19221] to[21219] - Release: V7 to V8
Information in this document applies to any platform.
""Checked for relevance on 07-OCT-2010""


Campaign Administration, add two lists which together have more than 200 records (with less it is working).
Clicking "Customers in Either Lists" gives error "An end of file error has occurred. Please continue or ask your systems administrator to check your application configuration if the problem persists. (SBL-DAT-00393)"

Detailed behavior:
Testing with a list of 198 and one of 1: works
199 and 1: error SBL-BPR-00174 : No branch conditions are satisfied at step 'Update Status - Inactive'
200 and 1: end of file error SBL-DAT-00393


In the applet "eAuto Campaign Lists List Applet" there is a user prop "Sync Mode List Max Count", default value is 200.

The logic behind the user property is if the number of contacts is less than the value of this user property, the workflow is invoked synchronously, else asynchronously by placing a server request. So this property is a parameter to decide if the workflow for merge lists is to be called in sync or async mode.

The errors occur due to a defect.


It was determined that this behavior is due to a defect in the eDealer application. Change request 10542788 has been opened to address this defect.

A workaround is to increase the value of the user property, performance impacts have not yet been evaluated in case of using a high value.



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