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SBL-BPR-00163: Step '%1' has exceeded the maximum number of times (%2) it can be executed within a process instance.

Applies to:

Product Release: V7 (Enterprise)
Version: 7.7.1 [18306]
Database: Oracle
Application Server OS: IBM AIX 5L 5.1
Database Server OS: IBM AIX 5L 5.1

This document was previously published as Siebel SR 38-1711103101.



We have a workflow that is used in both the ENU and FRA environment (see attachment for exported workflow). The workflow works successfully in the ENU application but does not in the FRA.

We have narrowed the issue down to a Wait Step – which is configured as follows:
Input argument: MeasureUnit; Type: Literal; Value: Seconds
Input argument: duration; Type: Literal; Value: 1
The wait step is configured as a branch off of a decision step.

The behaviour is that the Wait Step is evaluating correctly in the ENU environment looping through in 1 second wait intervals) but not evaluating in the FRA environment (loops without waiting). This was also tested by running it through the workflow simulator. Logging levels have been increased on Workflow Process Manager component but we have noticed that there was a lot more log detail described in the ENU than the FRA.

Initially, we thought the problem was related to some inactivated LOV records. So we followed the actions described in Service Request # 38-1137892841. However, this still produced the same results mentioned above.

We seem to have found a work around by calling this workflow as a server request but would still like to know how to resolve the issue involving wait steps in a multilingual application.

Thank you in advance for your help!


Message 1

For the benefit of other readers, when running in non ENU language, Wait step ignores the Duration and MesureUnit (Sleep Unit) parameters.

Assume a process with a wait step with the arguments “Sleep Unit “ and Duration set as below.
Input Argument: MeasureUnit
Type: Literal
Value: Hours

Input Argument: Duration
Type: Literal
Value: 10

When running such process from a session with language other than ENU, the wait step is executed without error but does not suspend the process at all and goes to next step.

The workaround is to change setting of parameter “Sleep Unit” as follow.
Input Argument: MeasureUnit
Type: Expression
Value: LookupValue ("SRM_TIME_UNITS", "HOURS")

The second argument of function LookupValue is the language independent code (LIC) where SECONDS, MINUTES, HOURS and DAYS can be used.

Change request #12-SUOUT2 have been created to have this product defect addressed.

On the other hand, the two following behaviors have been noticed regarding wait step.

In multi-lingual environment, the pick-list on “Sleep Units” argument shows all entries from S_LST_OF_VAL whereas only ENU should be displayed considering that Siebel Tools runs ENU only. Change Request #12-SYZ4OY was created to have this product defect addressed.

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Message 2

... Part 2

The wait step has an argument named SleepMode (“Sleep Mode”) that determines how the process is resumed after the wait step. The possible values are below.
-    Local (default): The process is resumed within the session that launched the process.
-    Remote: The process is resumed on the server, by the Workflow Process Manager component. A component request is inserted into the database with a schedule date/time corresponding to the wait step parameters.

Processes with property ‘Workflow Mode’ set to “7.0 Flow” (or blank) use this argument as above.
Processes with property ‘Workflow Mode’ set to anything else than “7.0 Flow” ignore the Input Argument SleepMode and work in Remote mode.

Change request #12-SUQ5G8 has been created to have this documentation enhancement request addressed.

, Siebel Technical Support.

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