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SBL-DAT-00576: The username you selected has been used. Please select another username.

Applies to:

Siebel System Software - Version: 7.5.3 [100] to 8.1.1 [21112] - Release: V7 to V8

Information in this document applies to any platform.


When attempting to create a new user within the Siebel application and with Active Directory (ADSI) authentication, users encounter the following error:

SBL-DAT-00576: The username you selected has been used. Please select another username.

The new user record is not saved although it does temporarily show on the User Administration screen until a refresh or query is done.


This behavior is the result of the PropagateChange parameter being set to TRUE for the security adapter, however, the application user does not have adequate rights to write to the external directory.  With PropagateChange set to true, the new user creation process will try to write to the external directory which will return an unable to create record type of message which the user interface is interpreting as a user already exists.


This behavior is caused by the PropagateChange parameter on your security adapter profile being set to TRUE in conjunction with the application user specified in that profile not having write permissions in the external directory. There are two approaches to resolve this error.

The first course of action is to give the application user specified in your security adapter profile adequate rights to write to the BaseDN and any other required levels in your external directory.  For information on how to perform this task, please refer to your Active Directory documentation or consult Microsoft Technical Support.

The second course of action would be to change Propagate Change parameter to FALSE.

1. Open an employee facing, high interactivity Siebel application such as Siebel Sales and login as a user with administrator rights.

2. Go to Site Map > Administration - System Configuration > Enterprises > Enterprise Profiles.

3. Query for the security adapter profile you are using which I believe is ADSISecAdpt in your case.

4. In the parameters section on the bottom of the screen, locate the PropagateChange parameter and set the value on restart to FALSE.

5. Stop and restart any application object managers / components using this security adapter profile. For simplicity sake, we suggest simply stopping and restarting the entire Siebel implementation.