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SBL-DAT-00534: A newer version of software is required. Please install a newer version of Siebel Tools. %1

Applies to:

Product Release: V7 (Enterprise)
Version: 7.7.1 [18306]
Database: Oracle
Application Server OS: Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server SP 3
Database Server OS: HP-UX 11.0

This document was previously published as Siebel SR 38-1536475967.


I am trying to logon to Siebel Tools using the Server Data Src. However, everytime I try to do so, I get a message stating:

"A newer version of software is required.   Please install a newer version of Siebel Tools.

Component: Siebel Client Repository File__ENU, Current Version: 0, Minimum Version: 4, Maximum Version: 4

I have distributed an upgrade kit with a newer version of the srf, but I do not understand how this should affect Siebel Tools. How would I go about fixing this issue.



Message 1

For the benefit of other users ,

It turned out that the upgrade kit was distributed to an employee
This caused that the application tried to install the upgrade kit regardless of the component name specified in the cfg.

For testing upgrade kits we recommend you create a copy of a configuration e.g. “Siebel Call Center Client Test” as copy of “Siebel Call Center Client”. After creation of new kits you distribute the test configuration. This way it will get only applied to clients where you have changed the component name in the CFG file of the client accordingly.
If every thing worked well you can distribute the original configuration so that the new kits will get applied by your users.

Siebel Technical Support


  1. A newer version of software is required. Please install a newer version of Siebel Tools - I am getting this error while configuring siebel tools to point to new environment. Any suggestions??
    Also, this new environment is working fine for siebel client. I am facing this issue only with siebel tool.

  2. Please check you have same version of tools and client..what version are you working on??