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SBL-DAT-00466: Multi value link definition '%1' does not exist for business component definition '%2'.

Applies to:

Product Release: V7 (Enterprise)
Version: [16183] DEU
Database: Other (Please specify in Comments field)

This document was previously published as Siebel SR 38-1231150998.


SBL-DAT-00144, SBL-DAT-00451, SBL-DAT-00466

We installed the Siebel sales on our HP iPAQ 2210 PDA running Pocket PC 2003 operating system. When we tried to synchronize the Sample database with the PDA (Companion Sync) using ActiveSync version 3.7.1 we received errors. Log files are attached.



Message 1

For the Benefit of other users:

Customer installed the Siebel sales on their HP iPAQ 2210 PDA running Pocket PC 2003 operating system. When they tried to synchronize the Sample database with the PDA (Companion Sync) using ActiveSync version 3.7.1 they received errors. Found following errors in SyncManager.log file.

"(SBL-DAT-00144) 'Pick List' mit dem Namen '' nicht gefunden. Dieses Objekt ist entweder nicht aktiv oder nicht vorhanden.

(SBL-DAT-00451) MultiValueLink 'Expense Hotel Item'für Business Component 'Expense Item'ist mehrmals definiert.

(SBL-DAT-00466) Mehrfachwert-Verknüpfungsdefinition '' ist für die Business Component-Definition 'Expense Item' nicht vorhanden".

In order to move forward we needed to get increased tracing in place at both ends of the synchronization so that we can capture as much information on the synchronization as possible. We recommend proceeding with the following:

1) Add SIEBEL_LOG_EVENTS=7 to the Start > Control Panel > System > Advanced > Environment Variables

2) Re-install the handheld device having made the following changes to the setup.ini prior to re-install:



Message 2


; This outputs all SQL statements generated in the app to a log file in the Install folder
LogSqlStmts    = Y
; This outputs all system error messages to a log file for easier debugging.
LogSSAErrors     = Y
; This is the logging level for Syncmanager client. The maximum value is 5. It increases the amount of information logged.
SyncLogReportingLevel    = 5
; This level controls the extent of transaction error information received from the server
TXNErrorLevel    = 5

3) Ensure that the [PDA] section of your .cfg file (salesce.cfg) includes the following :

Once you've put these in place please delete the directories underneath %SIEBEL_CLIENT_ROOT%\hhsync\ so that we force a complete re-generation of the handheld files. Can you then synchronization and provide me with the following:

1) Contents of the hhsync sub-directory
2) Any SyncManager_Log* files from the %SIEBEL_CLIENT_ROOT%\LOG directory
3) Any files from the %SIEBEL_CLIENT_ROOT%\LOG directory
4) Your salesce.cfg and salesceqbe.txt files from %SIEBEL_CLIENT_ROOT%\BIN\ENU directory

In order to synchronize with the Sample database in this configuration you should ensure that the salesce.cfg has a DefaultDataSource of 'Sample' which will ensure a connection during synchronization to this database.

Customer reported that they made all the above changes suggested and when they started the sync again it worked successfully.

Behavior has been ... <Ctd..>

Message 3


Behavior has been resolved after they re-installed the handheld device and made sure that the salesce.cfg file has a DefaultDataSource of 'Sample' to ensure a connection during synchronization to Sample database. Then the synchronization has worked without any problems so it is possible that there had been a problem with the previous installation.

Keywords: PDA, HP iPAQ 2210, Pocket PC 2003, ActiveSync 3.7.1, Siebel, companion sync, Sample, SBL-DAT-00144, SBL-DAT-00451, SBL-DAT-00466.

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