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SBL-DAT-00411: The '%1' function is not supported.

Applies to:

Product Release: V7 (Enterprise)
Version: 7.7.2 [18325] Life Sci
Database: Oracle
Application Server OS: Microsoft Windows 2003 Server
Database Server OS: Microsoft Windows 2003 Server

This document was previously published as Siebel SR 38-2649586771.


SBL-DAT-00144, SBL-DAT-00227, SBL-DAT-00411, SBL-SVC-00208, SBL-SEC-10018, SBL-SEC-10001

We have experienced some strange behavior after installing the patch.

After installing the patch for the Siebel Server/Gateway/SWEApp - following the steps in the guide - it was only possible to access the application using the dedicated client. After uninstalling the patch the application is still only accessible through the dedicated client and we have seen crashes on the server every time we reboot the macine (the siebmtshmw.exe process). The crashes disappear after a while.

We would appreciate your assistance in getting the environment back in better shape and some advice (and any known issues) regarding patch


Message 1

For the benefit of other users:

Original Issue:
Customer encountered application crashes with the following call stack after applying MR

sslcshar +0x17c5c = SSstring::operator=() +0xc
sscfdm +0x916ac = CSSSqlBCDef::AddIdField() +0x2fc
sscfdm +0x9182e = CSSSqlBCDef::AddJoinSystemFields() +0x9e
sscfdm +0x4aeeb = CSSFieldList::ResetBCFieldIndexes() +0x205eb
sscfdm +0x54287 = CSSFieldList::ResetBCFieldIndexes() +0x29987
sscfdm +0x54448 = CSSFieldList::ResetBCFieldIndexes() +0x29b48
sscfdm +0x8e479 = CSSSqlBCDef::ValidateSqlFieldDef() +0x69
sscfdm +0x51b4c = CSSFieldList::ResetBCFieldIndexes() +0x2724c

The behavior has been replicated using the Siebel dedicated client against the customer Local DB.

Upon further investigation of the log file, crash file and FDR file, it was determined that incorrect configuration was causing these crashes.

The Siebel client log file included the following error messages just before the crash occurred:

ObjMgrSRFLog    Warning    2    0    2005-12-08 12:18:19    Invalid Configuration: Cannot Specify Validation on Multi-Valued Field (Condition Amount) for BusComp (INS Vehicle)

ObjMgrQueryLog    Warning    2    0    2005-12-08 12:18:19    (query.cpp (11594)) SBL-DAT-00411: The 'IFF' function is not supported.

ObjMgrSRFLog    Warning    2    0    2005-12-08 12:18:20    (cdf.cpp (2607)) SBL-DAT-00144: Could not find 'Table' named 'S_EMPLOYEE'. This object is inactive or nonexistent.


Message 2


Upon taking the following changes in Siebel Tools the crash was no longer encountered:

- Removing the validation ">=0" from the Condition Amount field in BC INS Vehicle
- In Siebel Tools > Flat Tab, please search for all Calculated Fields that include the following in the Calculated Expression: "IFF"
> Please change IFF to IIF
- Run a validation for the Service Request BC
> There a couple of errors that needs to be verified. One of them is a join referencing the S_EMPLOYEE table which is inactive.

Crash,, sslcshar +0x17c5c = SSstring::operator=() +0xc, sscfdm +0x916ac = CSSSqlBCDef::AddIdField() +0x2fc

Thanks and Regards,

Applies to:

Product Release: V8 (Enterprise)
Version: 8.0 [20405]
Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2005
Application Server OS: Microsoft Windows 2003 Server SP1
Database Server OS: Microsoft Windows 2003 Server SP1

This document was previously published as Siebel SR 38-3434039761.



Exists a way to find in Siebel Sales records with case argument ?

For exemple : All the contact with the First Name in UPPER CASE ?

Thank you


Message 1

For the benefit of other readers:

The Upper function is currently NOT supported in the Siebel GUI.

Querying for

[First Name]=upper([First Name])

will result in the error message

The 'upper' function is not supported.(SBL-DAT-00411)

Change Request
Please support "Upper" in queries from the GUI and in search specifications

was logged to request this enhancement

A suggested workaround of using FIRSTUPPER
for the Contact Field as documented in

Object Types Reference > Siebel Object Types > Field
Force Case

may not be an option, as this fails make characters after a hyphen upper case
and hence cannot be used for names like

For example,
would become

Change Request
Add FirstUpperNonBlank functionality similar to FIRSTUPPER
was logged, asking for a functionality enhancement that would also make the first letter after special characters uppercase, resulting in

for the example above

Just to query, the upper functionality of the RDBMS can be used, for example



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