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SBL-DAT-00389: Type '%1' defined multiple times. Please ask your systems administrator to check your application configuration

Applies to:

Siebel Marketing - Version: 8.0 SIA [20405] - Release: V8

Information in this document applies to any platform.


Customer is trying to create opportunities from Opty Button.

When the user clicks the create oppty button, got the error.

The problem is encountered in Create Oppty from Contacts>Responses view and Campaign>View Responses view.

error is encountered for both customized and vanilla srf. Am also wondering if the definition of campaigns causes this problem for all of these responses comes from a campaign,and as compared to the previous campaigns launched, no waves were launched for this new campaigns.

SBL-DAT-00389 error appears; Field does not exist in definition for business component .

Are there other ways for me to identify this field and BC that is causing the problem?

Can you please provide us the procedure in creating campaigns in version 8? For our campaign manager who is familiar with this procedure already resigned and haven't left any documentation.


This is a Product defect.

Raised CR 12-1SVSA8Z -create oppty button, SBL-DAT-00389 error appears; Field does not exist in definition for BC


I have tested this issue and this time am able to replicate it.

I have raised the CR 12-1SVSA8Z as product defect to address this issue.

the workaround for this - So the recommended workaround :
1. Add a new field in [Response Product] BC.
2. Note the following field details:
Name : Primary Product Line Id
Column : PR_PROD_LN_ID
3. Compile the changes.

When tested, was able to successfully create an opportunity.
This now make sense , before NO product is related to a response(NO S_COMM_PROD_INT entry) so even if this field is not defined yet.

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