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SBL-CFG-00145: Exception %d in Worker module: %s

Applies to:

Product Release: V7 (Enterprise)
Version: [15058] ESN Com/Med
Database: Oracle
Application Server OS: HP-UX 11i
Database Server OS: HP-UX 11i

This document was previously published as Siebel SR 38-1018309661.


SBL-CFG-00124, SBL-CFG-00145, SBL-CFG-00202


We are experiencing some problems with models in eConfigurator when adding a group of products from different classes in a model under a Class or Dynamic Class domain, without specifiying class (in order to group products from different classes, bookshelf Product Administration Guide, chapter "Adding a Group of Products from Different Classes" )

A customizable product which contains a domain with products from different classes, works itself, but if this CP is a component of other different CP, this CP doesn't work. The error is the following (part is in spanish) :
      "Error al obtener un nuevo trabajador"
      "Error muy grave al completar el modelo"
      "Excepción 44 en módulo de trabajador:
       "Catalog did not build. Possible model inconsistency"

Curiously, this error appears only if one of the customizable products contain a rule. Of course, if you specify a class in the relationship, the CP´s work as well.

The same design of these customizable products works in eCommunications v. ENU, without errors.
We are using eCommunications v. ESN. So the only difference may be the language.

Can you help us?

Thank you in advance.   


Message 1

For the benefit of others:


When the following stucture exist for a CP, (customizable product) (which also contains nested CP as in CP 2 below):

CP 1
|-------CP 2
             |-----------Prod A
             |-----------Prod B

And product A & B belong to two different classes, and there is a rule in CP 2 (say, Prod A excludes Prod B),

Upon validating CP 1, the following error message is invoked:

Error getting new worker
Fatel error completing model
Exception 44 in worker Module
Catalog did not build. Possible Model inconsistancy.


The above behavior was determined to be a product defect and Change Request 12-FTALD3 has been submitted to address it.

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