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SBL-ADM-02537: Can only backup namesrvr

Applies to:

Product Release: V7 (Enterprise)
Version: [16183] ESN
Database: Oracle
Application Server OS: Microsoft Windows 2000 Server SP 3
Database Server OS: HP-UX 11i

This document was previously published as Siebel SR 38-2958199017.


SBL-GEN-04031, SBL-GEN-09103, SBL-ADM-02537

Good morning,

A new Siebel developer has arrived to our project, he needs to use Siebel Tools.
This morning we created a new mobile user for him and after install Siebel Tools in his PC, we tried to launch task "Generate New Database" , in order to create a local database for him.

When we run server task "Generate New database" with following parameters:
SQL Anywhere Database = sse_utf8.dbf

we got the following error:

(gennewdb.cpp 27(462) err=4031 sys=0) SBL-GEN-04031: Error durante descodificación Base64.
(smisched.cpp 17(821) err=4031 sys=0) SBL-GEN-04031: Error durante descodificación Base64.

I searched on supportweb this error, but unfortunately I don't find the cause of it.
I attached task log file.

I have tried to connect with Tools application in my PC, with the new user, to development Server database, and I connected succesfully.

Could you help us, please?

Many thanks and Best regards.


Message 1

For the benefit of other users:

Customer experienced problems when attempting to perform a "Generate New Database" task. We found following errors in Generate New Database log (GenNewDb*.log).

SBL-GEN-09103: No se ha definido el valor del parámetro (es decir, es nulo)

SBL-GEN-04031: Error durante descodificación Base64.
[SBL-GEN-04031: Internal: Error occurred during base64 decoding]

During the research we found that above error could encounter as a result of having an unencrypted Password in the siebns.dat file. As in version 7 the passwords at Enterprise, Server or Component level are stored in an encrypted format, having an unencrypted value in the siebns.dat could corrupt siebns.dat file and cause this error.

We reviewed customer’s siebns.dat file and did find ‘DbaPwd’ parameter for GenNewDb component is set to unencrypted value “SQL” as follows.

[/enterprises/Ent_CRM_DES/component groups/Remote/components/GenNewDb/parameters/DbaPwd]

The encrypted value for “SQL” is “QqKg”. We made the changes to the siebns.dat file by setting it to the correct value “QqKg” and returned the file to customer with following instructions.

1. Please replace the current siebns.dat file with fixed siebns.dat file.

2. Stop Siebel servers, then stop Gateway server.

3. Restart Gateway server then start Siebel servers.

3. Now perform a new Generate New Database (GenNewDb) task.

The issue was ...<Ctd>..

Message 2


The issue was resolved with the fixed siebns.dat file.

Please note that customers modifying the siebns.dat files themselves is not supported, as it may corrupt the file.

Keywords: Generate New Database, SBL-GEN-04031, password, encrypted, unencrypted, siebns.dat, GenNewDb, DbaPwd, SQL, QqKg.

Thank you.
Best Regards

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