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SBL-DAT-00329: The responsibility of user '%1' does not allow accessing view '%2'.

Applies to:

Siebel CRM - Version: 7.5.2 [15051] and later   [Release: V7 and later ]
Information in this document applies to any platform.


A set of responsibilities containing views for a separate class of users has been defined and the users added to these responsibilities. In addition, the view 'FS Home Page View' has been added to these responsibilities. When any of the users associated with these responsibilities accesses the application, the following error message is received:

"The responsibility of user '<USER>' does not allow accessing view 'FS Home Page View' (SBL-DAT-00329)"

Where <USER> is the login name of the user.


The customer expected that the application's home page view is automatically available to all users using the application.  Please note, this is not the case. The home page view will be shown to the user only if it is available for that user and the view is available for that application.


If you come across this issue, all of the points mentioned in the following article should be followed:

Document 476309.1 - What are the possible reasons why a view is missing or not displayed to a logged-in user?

This includes the user's responsibility, personalization, license keys as well as configuration.

Applies to:

Siebel Tools - Version: 8.0 SIA [20405] to 8.1.1 SIA [21111] - Release: V8 to V8
Information in this document applies to any platform.


After an upgrade from version 7.5.3 to version the customer had the following issue in their customized Siebel application:

When they clicked the Search button in the application toolbar they received the following error:
- - -
The responsibility of user 'SADMIN' does not allow accessing view 'Search Looking View'.(SBL-DAT-00329)
- - -

The view 'Search Looking View' was well associated to the user's responsibilities.


In a standard Siebel repository version 8.0 the view 'Search Looking View' is configured as screen view in screen 'Search View Dummy Screen' and this screen is configured as screen menu item for standard applications (e.g. 'Siebel Power Communications', ' Siebel Universal Agent', 'Siebel Financial Services'…).

The customer used a customized application and the screen 'Search View Dummy Screen' was not configured as screen menu item for this application, hence the error.


The issue was resolved once the screen 'Search View Dummy Screen' was configured as screen menu item for the customized application.

Applies to:

Siebel Financial Services CRM - Version: 8.1.1 SIA [21111] and later   [Release: V8 and later ]
Information in this document applies to any platform.


When a user log on to application, SBL-DAT-00329 error meassage is unexpectedly shown in application toolbar and toolbar icons gets hidden.

After the research, I found the bad side effect on this issue.
Once this symtom happens, PDQ gets disabled.
Current workaround is to press F5(IE refresh).


This symtom happens when the responsibility for the start view is not given correctly.


We raised change request 12-1XVX931.

After that the same change request 12-1U5SY53 was found and the issue has been fixed in



Applies to:

Release(s):V7 (Enterprise), V7 (MidMarket)
Database(s):All Supported Databases
App Server OS(s):All Supported Platforms
Latest release tested against:V8 (Enterprise)
Keywords:Change Password, allow access, SBL-DAT-00329, Change Password View (SWE)

This document was previously published as Siebel Alert 735.


Users receive the following message after logging into an Employee Application using the Siebel Web Client:
SBL-DAT-00329: The responsibility of user '<USERID>' does not allow accessing view 'Change Password View (SWE)'.
where <USERID> is the Anonymous User for the application, as specified by the AnonUserName parameter in the eapps.cfg file.
Change Request 12-FGU8X9 has been logged to address this product defect.
For additional information about the Anonymous User, refer to Siebel Bookshelf version 7.5.3 > Security Guide for Siebel eBusiness Applications > Authentication Details > Authentication Options > Anonymous User.
NOTE: Support does not recommend that the Siebel Administrators configure the Anonymous User to be SADMIN. Instead, another user should be defined as the Anonymous User with limited access privileges.

Likelihood of Occurrence

This behavior occurs when the user logs in with a password that has expired.

Possible Symptoms

Users receive the following messages after logging into a Siebel Employee Application, such as Call Center, using the Web Client:
SBL-DAT-00329: The responsibility of user 'USER1' does not allow accessing view 'Change Password View (SWE)'.
NOTE: <USERID> in the above error was substituted with the user called USER1.

Workaround or Resolution

Siebel Administrators who are unable to install the Maintenance Release that contains the fix for the above Change Request can perform the following workaround instead:
  1. Open Siebel Tools.
  1. From the Object Explorer, expand the Application object type. Query for the appropriate Siebel Application Name, for example, Siebel Universal Agent (for Call Center), and lock the Project.
  1. Select the child object called Screen Menu Item. The Screen Menu Items List Editor appears as the bottom windowpane in the Object List Editor window.
  1. With the Screen Menu Items List Editor active, choose Edit > New Record to add the "User Profile Screen (eApps)" screen.
  1. Choose Tools > Compile Projects. The Object Compiler dialog box appears.
  1. Choose the project, browse to the repository file for the project or create a new one, and then click Compile. Copy the .srf file to the <Siebel Server>\objects\<lang> directory and restart the Siebel Server for the changes to take effect.
Upon logging into the Siebel application, users should now see the Change Password applet.

Maintenance Release Number

Fix Request 12-FRX19B has been released for Change Request 12-FGU8X9, which has been fixed in Siebel version The latest Siebel Fix Pack version should be applied to Siebel Maintenance Release 7.5.3.

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