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SBL-DAT-00327: View '%1' is not licensed for this site.

Applies to:

Error Message Area:Data Manager - DAT
Version:Siebel 7.8


This document is intended to provide cause and corrective action information about Siebel Error Message SBL-DAT-00327: View '%1' is not licensed for this site.


This document is informational and intended for any user.

SBL-DAT-00327: View '%1' is not licensed for this site.


The following are common causes for this error message:

1. The license keys were not correctly added to the database currently used by the application.

2. The view name is misspelled in the Application Administration > Views or Administration – Application > Views view.

3. If you have recently performed an upgrade, there is a possibility that previous views were inactivated or renamed. When views in the standard application change as part of an upgrade, you should use the new standard view and apply any necessary configuration to that view, rather than reactivating and using an inactivated view.

4. If the error occurs when the view is referenced in a call to the GotoView method in a script or process, one of the following may be the cause:

a. The view name is misspelled in the script.

b. The view was not added as a Screen View to the application which is running the script.

c. The view is marked as Inactive.

5. The user has connected to the wrong URL for their application. For example, to access eConsumerGoods in English-American, the last part of the URL should be "eConsumerSector_enu", not "eConsumer_enu".

6. The user is inadvertently connecting to the wrong database which does not contain the license keys.

7. If this error occurs when you are trying to access the weekly or monthly calendar view directly through a URL (such as http://xxx/sales_fra/start.swe?SWECmd=ExecuteLogin&SWEUserName=TDI&SWEPassword=SIEBELEXP&SWEAC=SWECmd=GotoView&SWEView=eCalendar Monthly View), it is likely due to an expected limitation of the product that does not allow you to directly access these views through a URL.

8. The license keys do not contain the correct options to use this functionality. Either the options for the view have not been purchased, or the license key was incorrectly generated and does not contain all purchased modules.

Corrective Action

NOTE: The bookshelf version referenced below is also applicable to the version listed in the header of this error message documentation.

1. Verify that all license keys have been added to the database used by the application. To see the existing license keys, log into the Siebel application and navigate to Administration - Application > License Keys; in Siebel 7.5.3, navigate to Application Administration > License Keys. Compare the entered values with the license keys provided in your Welcome Package. Refer to Siebel Bookshelf version 7.8 > Applications Administration Guide > Getting Started > Entering License Keys for more details on entering license keys.

2. Make sure that the view name is spelled correctly in Administration > Application > Views; in Siebel 7.5.3, check the view name in Application Administration > Views. If there is any doubt, copy and paste the view name from Siebel Tools.

3. If you have recently performed an upgrade, make sure you did not reactivate a view which was inactivated in the new version. If necessary, apply any customizations to the view intended for the new version and use that view instead.

4. If the view is referenced in a call to GotoView:

a. Make sure the view name is spelled correctly in the script.

b. Make sure that the view is defined as a Screen View for a screen which is included in the application you are licensed to run.

c. Make sure the view is not marked Inactive.

5. Make sure the user is connecting to the correct URL for the application you are licensed to run.

6. Make sure the user is connecting to the intended database; for example, if a developer tries to connect to the sample database which does not include the license keys, instead of the development database, this error may occur.

7. Change Request 12-SAMUO7 has been logged as a product enhancement request. It requests the ability to access the weekly and monthly views of the HI Activity Calendar View with a URL.

8. If none of the above resolves the error, log a Service Request on SupportWeb and provide the license keys in use, the error message received, and a detailed description of the steps performed that produce the error. Siebel Technical Support will evaluate whether the license keys include the appropriate modules based on the customer agreement, and will advise on whether a new key needs to be generated or whether new modules need to be purchased.

Applies to:

Product Release: V7 (Enterprise)
Version: 7.5.3 [16157] FRA Pub Sect
Database: Oracle 9i
Application Server OS: Microsoft Windows 2000 Server SP 4
Database Server OS: Microsoft Windows 2000 Server SP 4

This document was previously published as Siebel SR 38-1264864427.



I just want to know if we have the right licence key for eEvents, I have a error message on the change password view indicating that we dont have the licence key for "User Profile View (eApps)"...

thank you,

Louis Dancause


Message 1

For the benefit of other users ...

The error message

"User Profile View (eApps)" is not licensed for this site.(SBL-DAT-00327)

was displayed in spite of License Key Option "eEvents".

The following steps were done to reproduce the behaviour

1) Launch Siebel Application eEvents
2) Navigate to "My Account Links View (eEvents)" and click on the Change Password link
3) The "Change Password View (SWE)" is displayed
4) Enter the new password and the above error message appeared
5) Exit from the application and login again with the new password and it works. So it seems that the change password operation work fine, but the user is not redirect to a correct view...

A Change Request 12-L1CDWR has been raised to include the "User Profile View (eApps)" view into the License Key Option "eEvents"

Keywords: "User Profile View (eApps)" and "eEvents" and SBL-DAT-00327

Applies to:

Siebel Tools - Version: 7.5.3 [16131] and later   [Release: V7 and later ]
Information in this document applies to any platform.


After compiling a script change into the SRF, the Web client cannot reach the login page anymore and displays this error message instead:

View 'Login View' is not licensed for this site. (SBL-DAT-00327)

After some tries to fix this, the application now reaches the home page view; however, it appears that all captions and lables are missing, and no menu or screen tabs are displayed.

Replacing the new SRF with the old SRF eliminates the error. The only change in the SRF was a small modification in one of the objects.

Tools has been switched to DEU language mode.


In the repository, DEU language data was missing. Locale subobjects were found for ENU only.

Siebel Tools has a "Language Mode" setting which determines the language in which customizations are done. When getting projects from the server, only the current locale data is synchronized (for example, ENU). When switching Tools to a different language (for example, DEU), the language-specific data does not exist in the local Tools database, and thus the resulting SRF is unusable.


  1. Ensure that Tools is set to the desired language mode (in View > Options > Language Settings).
  2. Then start a Full Get. In the Check Out dialog box that appears select "Get locale-specific data only" and click the Get button.
    (See Bookshelf 7.5 > Siebel Tools Reference > Application Development Projects > Checking Out Projects > Check Out Dialog Box)
  3. After that, do a full compile and verify if the client now starts properly.

Applies to:

Product Release: V7 (Enterprise)
Version: 7.5.3 [16157]
Database: Oracle 8.1.7
Application Server OS: Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server SP 3
Database Server OS: Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server SP 3

This document was previously published as Siebel SR 38-1577306121.


SBL-UIF-00293, SBL-DAT-00144, SBL-EXL-00145, SBL-DAT-00327, SBL-DBC-00105


Since 16 October we have Siebel patch and HOTFIX QF0614 rolled out in the production environment.

We have noticed new behaviour on database level, especially with user connections.
When we restart the database (even after a reboot of the server) we have immediately old connections when the database is back in the air.
Also when our dba’er kills ‘bad statements’ the statements are back immediately.
A third example is a workstation with a Siebel client left open and reconnecting to the database with a specific query also after killing and blocking the involved user.

Is there something changed which explains this behaviour? New parameter settings in Siebel in the patch?



Message 1

For the benefit of other readers:

The Customer had applied the Siebel Version [Build 16186] Patch Maintenance Release with QF (QuickFix) Number 0614 into their Production Test environment and discovered some Oracle 8i Database Version error behavior occuring with their Siebel Version Clients re-connectivity and re-login to RDBMS Database System. For example when the User Session was left in a "hanging" state after a long query was being executed, the Oracle DBA person would "kill" the long running "hung" session by issuing Oracle DBA "kill" commands. However, when the Client was re-connected into their Siebel Version User Session, the previously "hung" session was re-instantiated ? This did not occur with the previous Siebel Version 7.5.3.x [Build 16157] Patch Maintenance Release and the Customer specifically wanted to know if something had changed between these two Patch MR's ? This behavior was only discovered to be occurring using the Siebel Version Dedicated Web (Thick) Client Application and not the Thin Client App.

Following on from my research and investigation, I discovered that the Siebel Version 7.5.3.x Oracle Connector 'sscdo90.dll' file had changed between these two Versions.

<Continued ...>

Message 2

As a result of this Change Request Number 12-IWJ98P (Unable to kill Tasks at DB level with Connection Pooling enabled) which was raised against the Siebel Version and 7.5.3.x product releases, two new Fix Requests (FR Numbers 12-QTTCCX and 12-IWJ99F) were built to fix this error behavior. CR Number 12-IWJ98P was created to address the Server Object Manager (OM) Component error behavior which was occurring with the Oracle Database Connector. For instance, before the OM would execute an SQL Statement, the OM would check with the Oracle Connector (sscdo90.dll file) to determine if the connections were still active or if they had been dropped ? Then the OM would instruct the Database Connector to issue a "re-connect" command to the Database System beforehand and then execute the SQL Statement.

However, with the Siebel Version 7.5.3.x product release, some error behavior was occurring with the OM Server Components whilst running on Oracle when Database Connection Pooling was enabled (in theory multiple Users sharing the same Physical DB Connection). The concern was that the Oracle Connector (sscdo90.dll) did not recognize ALL the error codes being returned from the Database Server and therefore misinterpreted some of DB connections as being "live" by mistake. As a result of this the Oracle Connector would possibly determine that the Connection was still available, when in fact the Connection was already unavailable.

<Continued ...>

Message 3

Therefore the OM would be constantly executing queries against a broken connection leading to a number of SQL errors occurring and some users being unable to actually login to the application. Fix Request Number 12-IWJ99F has rectified this error behavior from occurring by changing this 'sscdo90.dll' file in the Siebel Version [Build 16183] Patch MR.

A workaround was provided for this Customer, with this DisableExecuteRetry=TRUE Parameter Setting being entered into the [Siebel] Section of the Client's "uagent.cfg" Configuration file. This worked quite well, except for the fact that the DisableExecuteRetry=TRUE Parameter Settting for the Siebel Version Dedicated Web Client Browser Application only really prevents the execution of a particular operation from "Retrying" to re-estabish its connection. The Customer really in fact required an OM Parameter Setting similar to this "DisableExecuteReconnect=TRUE" which would refuse or prevent an Oracle DB reconnection from actually being re-instantiated. We discovered that no actual OM Parameter Setting actually existed from reading through this Siebel Version 7.5.3.x Bookshelf > Siebel Server Administration Guide > Chapter 4: Using the Siebel Server Manager GUI > Component Group and Server Component Administration > Administering Component Groups and Server Components > Configuring Database Reconnect.

<Continued ...>

Message 4

Finally, our Expert Services Division went on-site to work through the Customers Customized Siebel Version Web Client Application to determine if their was a

more efficient way to work with the Siebel Application and to prevent these "ORA-00028 Your Session has been killed" error messages from appearing all the time ? ES were able to write some JavaScript to execute an Oracle "Kill" command using the psKill process :

Procedure for killing Siebel sessions on remote machines with sending a message:
   CURSOR c1
      SELECT SUBSTR (process, 1, INSTR (process, ':') - 1) pid,
             SUBSTR (osuser, INSTR (osuser, '\') + 1) osuser,
             SUBSTR (machine, INSTR (machine, '\') + 1) machine
        FROM v$session
       WHERE program = prname;
   FOR c1rec IN c1
        DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line ('msg '
                             || c1rec.osuser
                             || ' /SERVER:'
                             || c1rec.machine
                             || ' "Your Siebel session will be closed by the DBA!"');
        oracmd.exec ('msg '
                             || c1rec.osuser
                             || ' /SERVER:'
                             || c1rec.machine
                             || ' "Your Siebel session will be closed by the DBA!"');

<Continued ...>

Message 5

        DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line('pskill -t \\' || c1rec.machine || ' ' ||;
        oracmd.exec ('pskill -t \\' || c1rec.machine || ' ' ||;

I have raised Product Defect Change Request Numbers 12-QN7TAV and 12-T8TF82 to have the Customers requirement for their Siebel Version Clients to be Logged Out when the User Session on the Oracle DB is killed. These CR's will be reviewed for a possible fix and inclusion into a later release of the Siebel Version 7.5.3.x or 7.7.2.x products.

Keywords: Patch, Maintenance, Release, Dedicated, Web, Client, Browser, Application, Change, Request, Number, 12-IWJ98P, Oracle, Database, Connection, Pooling, Re-connect, DisableExecuteRetry, Object, Manager, Parameter, Setting

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