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SBL-DAT-00192: Unable to find the definition of Business Service '%1' in either the repository or run-time tables. Please ask your systems administrat

Applies to:

Product Release: V7 (Enterprise)
Version: [16180] DAN
Database: Oracle
Application Server OS: Microsoft Windows NT Enterprise 4.0 SP 6a
Database Server OS: Microsoft Windows NT Enterprise 4.0 SP 6a

This document was previously published as Siebel SR 38-1257213611.


SBL-DAT-00144, SBL-DAT-00192, SBL-DAT-00227

Please assign this SR to an engineer with high skills of both Siebel Marketing, Workflow Processes and Business Services.

We have upgraded from 6.3 to DAN and still need to use a customized WF for campaign launch (previously campaign execution).

The customized campaign launch WF includes a custom BS step and it worked fine in Siebel 6.3.

In 7.5.3 we have tried both of the following:

1. Exporting the Campaign Execution WF from 6.3 and then Importing it to 7.5.3, change name to Campaign Launch and then activate.

2. Manually revise the existing Campaign Launch WF in 7.5.3 to include our customizations from 6.3.

When creating snapshots and loading campaign (populating campaign in 6.3) no errors occur.
However, when launching campaign manually the following error displays (no matter which of the above two methods was used):

SBL-OMS-00203: Error 32956 invoking method "RunProcess" for Business Service "Workflow Process Manager"

From looking into the log file (attached) the following two errors turn up:
SBL-DAT-00144 and SBL-DAT-00192.

I've found only one SR in Support Web including the above SBL-DAT errors (SR # 38-1224781281) but this is not related to our problem.

The custom BS in question - Nyk Modify List Output - is included in the SWE section of the cfg file (attached to this SR).

The WF component group is only installed on a single server in accordance with the instructions for SME configuration as specified in the Siebel Marketing Initialization Checklist in the Siebel Marketing Guide. This component installation should be correct as the WF runs OK when loading campaign.

The custom BS is included in the compiled SRF file on the servers.

So basically we need answers to the following questions:
1. Why do we see the SBL-DAT-00144 and SBL-DAT-00192 errors when BS is included in both the siebel.cfg file on the server and the compiled srf file on the server?
2. How do we proceed?

Looking forward to your answer.


Message 1

For the benefits of the other readers:
The customer customized the Campaign Execution workflow in Siebel Marketing 6.3.
After upgrading to Siebel Marketing 7.5.3 they included their customization into Campaign Launch Workflow and launched their campaign. However the Campaign Launch failed with the following error:

(SBL-DAT-00192) Unable to find the definition of Business Service 'Nyk Modify List Output' in either the repository or run-time tables.
(SBL-DAT-00144) Could not find 'Class' named 'Nyk Modify List Output'. This object is inactive or nonexistent.
(SBL-DAT-00227) Unable to create the Business Service 'Nyk Modify List Output'

The customer run Siebel Marketing 7.5.3 in Danish and the default language of the Workflow Process Component was ENU.
They compiled only the Danish Repository and put into SiebSrvr\Object\Dan folder. However the Campaign Launch workflow was run in ENU and their customization were not compiled in the ENU repository located in SiebSrvr\Object\ENU folder.
Changing the default language of the Worflow Process component to DAN resolved the error.

The customer noticed that when launching a custom workflow using button or even the workflow was then defaulted to the Language of the corresponding component used to launch it.

Change Request 12-KWLOVN has been raised to address this Enhancement Request (select a campaign Launch on DAN client should not launch an ENU Workflow)

Magali Barreau-Combeau
Siebel Technical Support

Applies to:

Siebel Energy Sales - Version: SIA [19230] - Release: V7
Information in this document applies to any platform.


The standard vanilla button "Verify" on the quote header triggers the standard Verify signal. The signal triggers a modified version of the Workflow "Verify Header (Quote)".

This Workflow works fine until is comes to the step "Financial validation" where it executes the rule set validation (rule set "Quote Approval" is attached to the SR).

The error reported in the logs is SBL-DAT-00192: Unable to find the definition of Business Service 'Financial Profile Validation Service' in either the repository or run-time tables.


The customer has a custom Business Service, whose name is 'LE Financial Profile Validation Service', but the Display Name is 'Financial Profile Validation Service'.

In the Admin - Data Validation > Rule Sets > Rules > Actions, the pick applet for Business Service Name is showing the Display Names for available Business Services. But if you pick a Business Service whose Name differs from the Display Name (e.g. EAI Database Adapter), then no Methods are shown in the Business Service Method pick applet.  Also at runtime, the actual Business Service it attempts to run is that provided by the 'Display Name' (which will not exist).

Change request 12-1NEUERR has been logged to address the problem with the Business Service Name picklist in the Data Validation Manager screen.


According to the reported error, the Business Service being requested at run-time was 'Financial Profile Validation Service'.  However, the Business Service was actually named 'LE Financial Profile Validation Service' (it's Display Name was 'Financial Profile Validation Service'). This was the reason the Business Service could not be found.

To workaround this defect, enter the actual name of the Business Service 'LE Financial Profile Validation Service' in the Business Service Name, instead of picking the Business Service from the available pick applet. Using this approach, the expected methods are also available in the Business Service Method picklist.



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